Rules and regulations

  • AARCMCC rules apply where applicable
  • Novice – minimum 17.5BL or 27t Brushed
  • Stock – 17.5BL or 27t Brushed.
  • Short Course Truck – 13.5BL
  • Modified – Open
  • 1/8th Buggy – Open

*No Cross-entering between Buggy Classes (1:8th excepted)!

Normal Classes

  • Three qualifying heats for all classes
  • Best two of three to count
  • Three A Mains, number of lower finals determined by entries
  • Minimum 4 Cars to make a race.
  • All Finals will be five minutes

EP 1:8 Buggies Only

  • Three 5min qualifying heats for all classes
  • All qualifiers will be five minutes
  • A Main will be 3 x 5 minutes Finals
  • A maximum of eight entries will be accepted


Tyres are open. Standard Rims must be fitted.


AARCMCC/ROAR Approved Battery List is applicable.


Practice will be open from 10am on Saturday 4th December until well into the evening (approx. 7pm). Practice is only open to those competitors that have registered to race on Sunday.